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-====== Firefox Beta Compatibility ====== 
-Zotero typically works out of the box with the newest Firefox release. However, if you're testing Firefox releases from the [[http://​www.mozilla.com/​en-US/​firefox/​channel/​|Aurora]] or [[http://​www.mozilla.com/​en-US/​firefox/​channel/​|Beta]] channels, there may be some hoops to jump through to get Zotero working. 
-**Warning:​** While the risk of data corruption is low, some or all Zotero functionality may be broken with Aurora and Beta Firefox releases. 
-===== Zotero Firefox extension ===== 
-**Zotero 3.0 and later** is compatible with Firefox **3.6-17.0** (and probably later versions as well). 
-===== Zotero LibreOffice and Word for Mac plugins ===== 
-The Zotero LibreOffice and Word for Mac plugins typically work with new Firefox updates. Depending on your configuration,​ you may need to install the [[https://​addons.mozilla.org/​en-US/​firefox/​addon/​add-on-compatibility-reporter/​|Add-on Compatibility Reporter]] to force compatibility. 
-===== Zotero Word for Windows plug-in ===== 
-The Zotero Word for Windows plugin must be updated for each Firefox release. Compatibility may be available in the [[dev_builds#​word_processor_plugins_development_xpis|WinWord Integration Trunk XPI]] prior to release. Currently, Zotero Word for Windows plug-in version 3.1.6 supports **Firefox 3.6-12.0**. 
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