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-====== WordPress Metadata Plugins ======+<​html><​p id="​zotero-5-update-warning"​ style="​color:​ red; font-weight:​ bold">​We’re 
 +in the process of updating the documentation for 
 +<a href="​https://​www.zotero.org/​blog/​zotero-5-0">​Zotero 5.0</​a>​. Some documentation 
 +may be outdated in the meantime. Thanks for your understanding.</​p></​html>​
-=== ScholarPress Coins === 
-Created by CHNM developers, the [[http://wordpress.org/​extend/​plugins/​scholarpress-coins|ScholarPress Coins plugin]] embeds a COinS tag in each blog post, making relevant metadata visible to Zotero (post title, author, date, blog title, categories, and URL).+See [[/support/plugins#wordpress|WordPress]].
-=== unAPI Server for WordPress === 
-Created by Mike Giarlo and Peter Binkley, the [[http://​www.lackoftalent.org/​michael/​blog/​unapi-wordpress-plug-in/​|unAPI Server for WordPress plugin]] exposes blog metadata via unAPI (preserving the post summary in the abstract field). 
-=== COinS WordPress plugin === 
-Created by Peter Binkley, the [[http://​www.wallandbinkley.com/​quaedam/​2005/​08_09_coins-wordpress-plugin-update.html|COinS WordPress plugin]] allows COinS to be used to refer to some content other than the blog post itself (such as a journal article or book). ​ The COinS entries can be made in the post editor. 
-=== Zotpress === 
-Created by Katie Seaborn, the [[http://​wordpress.org/​extend/​plugins/​zotpress/​|Zotpress plugin]] displays your Zotero citations on WordPress, and allows you to add thumbnail images to your citations. 
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