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 the Zotero database. ​ This includes items and notes. the Zotero database. ​ This includes items and notes.
-<code javascript> ​ var related_items = item.relatedItemsBidirectional ​</​code>​+<code javascript> ​ var related_items = item.relatedItems</​code>​ 
 +==== Set two items as related to each other  ==== 
 +Given two items ''​itemA''​ and ''​itemB''​. We can set them as related items 
 +to each other by using the ''​addRelatedItem''​ function: 
 +<code javascript>​itemA.addRelatedItem(itemB);​ 
 +await itemA.saveTx();​ 
 +await itemB.saveTx();​</​code>​
-This returns a list of items just like in the search examples. 
 ==== Get an Item's Attachments === ==== Get an Item's Attachments ===
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