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 Changes in released versions of Zotero 5.0 are documented on this page. To follow development,​ see the [[https://​github.com/​zotero/​zotero/​commits/​|commit log on GitHub]]. More recent changes may be available in a [[dev_builds|beta build]]. Changes in released versions of Zotero 5.0 are documented on this page. To follow development,​ see the [[https://​github.com/​zotero/​zotero/​commits/​|commit log on GitHub]]. More recent changes may be available in a [[dev_builds|beta build]].
 +===== Changes in 5.0.88 (June 15, 2020) =====
 +==== Functionality added or changed ====
 +  * **Automatically disable Track Changes before updating citations in Word**
 +  * Improved detection of corrupted database, with recovery instructions
 +  * Show warning when data directory is set to iCloud Drive, pCloud, or Box
 +  * HTTP proxy password saving
 +    * The proxy authentication dialog now includes a checkbox to remember the username and password
 +    * Set ''​signon.autologin.proxy''​ to true in the Config Editor to automatically use the saved password without prompting
 +  * Added "​(APA)"​ and "​(ASA)"​ to style list in Document Preferences to help avoid confusion between APA 6th and ASA 6th
 +  * Automatically hide field codes in Word if displayed when performing operations
 +  * Fixed document import when transferring a document from another word processor to a non-English version of LibreOffice
 +  * Clarified warnings about data removal when switching accounts
 +  * [Mac] Improved PDF-opening links in notes (''​%%zotero://​open-pdf%%''​)
 +    * Support Adobe Acrobat, including page selection
 +    * Use configured .app even when multiple versions on the system
 +  * Strip HTML tags from titles when generating filenames
 +  * Miscellaneous bibliographic output and word processor integration fixes
 +    * Updated citeproc-js to version 1.3.22
 +==== Bugs fixed ====
 +  * Fixed "​Cannot edit item in read-only library"​ error when applying remote deletion of item in collection in read-only library
 +  * Fixed cross-library collection dragging from read-only library
 +  * Preserve cross-library and merged-item links when merging items (since 5.0.86)
 +  * Fixed a situation where bad data on the WebDAV server (possibly caused by a third-party client) could result in an endless syncing loop
 +  * Fixed a couple date-parsing bugs
 +    * Don't parse "​01/​01/​08"​ as the year 8 (since 5.0.81)
 +    * Show "​m"​ instead of "m y" for just a number <=12
 +==== Developer-specific changes/​fixes ====
 +  * Close window on Cmd/Ctrl-W in Translator Editor, Style Editor, and Run JavaScript windows
 +  * Fixed handling of ''​defer:​ true''​ when running tests in Translator Editor
 +  * Reduced defer delay from 20 seconds to 5 in Translator Editor
 +===== Changes in 5.0.87 (May 12, 2020) =====
 +  * Fixed "​Creator names cannot be empty" upgrade error for certain values in item Extra fields (e.g., ''​{:​author:​ }''​)
 +  * Fixed oversized collection/​search icons when editing a saved search on high-resolution screens
 +  * In rare cases, if a database query failed, ''​params.join is not a function''​ could be shown instead of a proper error message
 +===== Changes in 5.0.86 (May 9, 2020) =====
 +  * Sped up large imports
 +  * Restored the ability (from Zotero 4.0) to hold down a modifier key while dragging one or more items to the tag selector to remove tags
 +    * Cmd-drag on macOS, Shift-drag on Windows/​Linux
 +  * Improved detection of invalid/​dangerous data directory configurations
 +    * Warn when the data directory is in Google Drive or OneDrive (in addition to Dropbox)
 +    * Don't allow the Linked Attachment Base Directory to be set within the data directory
 +    * Don't allow the data directory to be set to '​storage'​ or the Linked Attachment Base Directory
 +  * Fixed a condition where local item changes wouldn'​t be uploaded until the next item edit after non-conflicting changes were merged
 +  * Fixed a crash when opening the tag selector by dragging up if closed at startup
 +  * Fixed tag selector not showing child item tags in "​Title,​ Creator, Year" mode (since 5.0.83)
 +  * Fixed a problem where actions depending on styles or translators could fail if an update server was unavailable at startup
 +  * Fixed Shift-Tab to move to previous field in Title and Extra fields
 +  * Removed several redundant lines in Extra on RDF import (e.g., "​Reporter"​)
 +  * Fixed a condition where all items list columns could become enabled
 +  * Fixed item selection from timeline
 +  * Don't copy cross-library links when duplicating an item
 +    * Previously, if you duplicated an item, modified it to represent a different source, and     ​dragged it to another library where you had already copied the original item, the new item wouldn'​t be transferred.
 +  * Don't allow Add Item by Identifier to create an item in a feed view
 +    * Also fixed a sync error that could occur if an item created by identifier in a feed was dragged to a collection
 +  * [Mac] Fixed '​false'​ filename after case-only rename
 +  * Show an error if an attachment file couldn'​t be manually renamed
 +  * Fixed "​zoteroField[1] is undefined"​ error generating bibliography if a line in Extra started with a single letter followed by a colon
 +  * Fixed sync error "​Invalid data error for collection [key] in [library]: Unknown collection property '​dateAdded'"​
 +  * Fixed oversized collection/​search icons in Advanced Search window on high-resolution screens
 +  * Disabled click effects on disabled toolbar buttons in read-only views
 +  * [Linux] Fixed problems with preferences window in tiling window managers
 +  * Fixed Edit → Preferences not appearing in Breton and Gallego locales
 +===== Changes in 5.0.85 (March 24, 2020) =====
 +  * [Mac] Fixed potential "Word could not communicate with Zotero"​ error
 +    * If Zotero was started the first time from a disk image rather than from Applications,​ the word processor plugins would be installed in a way that would prevent them from working later.
 +  * Download remotely updated files in "as needed"​ file sync mode
 +    * Previously, files updated remotely wouldn'​t be downloaded in "as needed"​ mode if a copy of the file already existed locally, and they could only be re-downloaded by deleting the file via Show File. This change causes remotely modified files that exist locally to be downloaded at sync time, even in "as needed"​ mode.
 +    * Files modified remotely before this change won't be downloaded at sync time in "as needed"​ mode, but they'​ll now be re-downloaded on open.
 +  * Full-text indexing improvements
 +    * When using full-text content syncing, "​Rebuild Index…"​ → "Index Unindexed Items" can now be used to force immediate processing of downloaded content
 +    * Fixed "​Unknown"​ full-text status when an item is reindexed remotely and the content matches the local content
 +  * Allow saved searches to be edited or deleted even if they can't be loaded
 +  * Fixed OPML feed import (since 5.0.78)
 +  * Use Zotero fields (and not just CSL fields) entered in Extra when generating citations
 +  * When checking database integrity, detect and fix a condition that can cause some collections not to be displayed
 +  * Fixed a potential hang when showing the collections containing an item
 +  * Don't open a second copy of Zotero if the Zotero beta is running and a word processor plugin button is clicked while a plugin dialog is open
 +  * Fixed the "​Create Bibliography from Items" locale being used for Quick Copy if the Quick Copy locale was never changed from the default
 +  * Parse a tab-delimited creator when only a single line is pasted
 +===== Changes in 5.0.84 (February 27, 2020) =====
 +  * Fixed sorting by Creator column for items with no authors and multiple editors (since 5.0.83)
 +===== Changes in 5.0.83 (February 24, 2020) =====
 +  * When saving, save fields not valid for the item type to Extra
 +  * Fixed sorting by editor in Creator column in new installations (since 5.0.78)
 +  * [Mac] Fixed some cases of word processor integration not loading at startup, resulting in "Word could not communicate with Zotero"​ errors
 +  * Fixed locator strings (e.g., "​p123"​) not working when editing a citation
 +  * Improved PDF retrieval for publishers that use cookies for IP-based authentication (e.g., Nature)
 +  * [Windows] Fixed missing bottom border of toolbar (since 5.0.78)
 +  * [Windows] Fixed %%zotero://​open-pdf%% links when no handler is set in registry
 +  * Fixed drop-downs in timeline (since 5.0.78)
 +  * Fixed cases of "Too many sync requests"​ sync error
 +  * Sped up "​Title,​ Creator, Year" search performance
 +  * Fixed some drag and drop issues in the citation dialog
 +  * Fixed crash when loading a saved search with certain invalid search conditions
 +  * Added "​English (Canada)"​ to Language menu with support for ISO dates (YYYY-MM-DD)
 +  * Fixed crash loading empty My Publications in Norwegian Bokmål locale
 +===== Changes in 5.0.82 (January 21, 2020) =====
 +  * Page number entry improvements in citation dialog
 +    * It's now possible to type page numbers with or without "​p"​ before or after making a selection.
 +    * For the first citation, you can search by number alone. After making a selection, if you want to search for an additional citation by number, press the spacebar first, which will lock the previously entered selection and prevent a number alone from turning into a page number. Clicking on a bubble and entering a page number in the popup also locks the citation.
 +    * If you add an additional citation in the same dialog and it's sorted earlier in the list, typing a page number will now properly apply to that citation rather than to the right-most citation.
 +    * You can move between citations with the left/right arrow keys and use "​p123"​ (the "​p"​ is required in this case) to add or overwrite the locator for the citation to the left of the cursor.
 +  * Fixed cursor positioning around citation bubbles (since 5.0.78)
 +  * Added Norwegian Bokmål locale
 +===== Changes in 5.0.81 (January 7, 2020) =====
 +  * Fixed display of editors in Creator column in new databases (since 5.0.78)
 +  * Fixed autocomplete in Advanced Search window (since 5.0.78)
 +  * Fixed repeating of autocompleted tags (since 5.0.78)
 +  * Increased autocomplete results to 50 entries (up from 25 in 5.0.80)
 +  * Citation dialog fixes
 +    * Added ability to search by number
 +    * Fixed UI issues with bubbles (since 5.0.78)
 +    * Fixed page number entry in main text field after making selection (since 5.0.78)
 +    * Allow "​p123"​ in addition to ":​123"​ and "​p.123"​ when specifying page number
 +  * Adjusted URL launching behavior
 +    * Removed URL scheme whitelist for linked-URL attachments
 +    * Some URLs were loading via the internal viewer rather than being blocked or launched externally
 +    * Only show cursor feedback on URL label if URL can be opened
 +  * Don't send cookies with WebDAV requests to avoid 503 error from Nextcloud servers (since 5.0.78)
 +  * Restored '​yesterday'/'​today'/'​tomorrow'​ parsing for Accessed field and dates in search conditions (since 5.0.78)
 +  * Fixed CSL 0.8 style import (since 5.0.78)
 +  * Fixed parsing of pre-1000 years
 +    * If a leading zero (e.g., '​068'​),​ parse as actual year instead of 19xx/20xx
 +  * Fixed text links in About pane and preferences (since 5.0.78)
 +  * Fixed hiding of password in WebDAV error messages and debug output (since 5.0.78)
 +  * Fixed invalid RTF wrapper output when generating a bibliography using the BibTeX CSL style
 +  * Fixed the "​Report Errors…"​ button in some error dialogs
 ===== Changes in 5.0.80 (December 3, 2019) ===== ===== Changes in 5.0.80 (December 3, 2019) =====
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