For information on how to use Zotero's search features, see Searching. This page describes the settings in the Search pane of the Zotero preferences.

The Sync preferences pane is used to configure and manage Zotero's PDF Full-text Search feature.

Full-text Cache

Zotero creates an index to allow the full text contents of PDF and plain-text attachments in your library to be searched with Quick Search (“Everything” option) and Advanced Search (via “Attachment Content”).

Note: At this time, only PDF full text content (and plain text files) can be indexed by Zotero. Other document types (e.g., .docx, .odt, .epub) cannot be indexed by Zotero.

This section includes these options to manage your full-text index:

PDF Indexing

Zotero uses two open-source plugins, pdftotext and pdfinfo, to index the contents of PDF files. These tools are installed with Zotero. If for some reason they are not installed, click the “Install PDF Tools” button to install them. If installation fails, follow these manual installation instructions. If the tools are already installed, click “Check for Update”.

You can also set how pages of a PDF file Zotero will index (default: 100 pages).

Index Statistics

This section provides details about the size of the full-text index in your Zotero database. Reported statistics are: