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We’re in the process of updating the documentation for Zotero 5.0. Some documentation may be outdated in the meantime. Thanks for your understanding.

플러그인(Plugins for Zotero)

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Desktop Integration

Import/Export of Item Metadata & Attachments

Interface Improvements

Library Analysis/Visualization

Website Integration




Word Processor Integration

Zotero Development


Plugins listed below are known to have been abandoned and are incompatible with current versions of Zotero, or are otherwise unsuitable for general use.

Plugin Author Link(s) Description/Notes
Vertov: Annotate Media Files Concordia Digital History Lab Project Home Media annotating plugin for Zotero. This plugin is currently not maintained and does not work with Zotero 2.x.
ZoteroExport Viktor Nagy Project Home Adds additional export options for attachments, e.g. to export files to e-book readers.
Zotero To GROK Codex Fitzgerald Steele Project Home Export references directly into the GROK Codex. This plugin is currently not maintained and does not work with Zotero 2.x.
Zotz Ryan Lee Project Home
Addition Info
Publish citations from Zotero to a SIMILE Exhibit in one step. Works only with Firefox 2, and therefore is incompatible with Zotero 2.x.
Microsoft Word and Integration Paul B. Hartzog Project Home Created to allow Zotero to be used with Microsoft Word Processor when installed under Flock. Newer releases of the Zotero word processor plugins have made this plugin redundant.
Web Applications
Simple Style Generator Maxime Rigo Simple Style GeneratorA wizard to create CSL 0.8.1 styles. The Simple Style Generator is currently not maintained and is known to create invalid CSL styles.