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Zotero Lab and Zotero Institution

Zotero offers two types of unlimited storage plans for organizations: Zotero Lab and Zotero Institution. These subscriptions provide members of your organization with unlimited personal and group cloud storage. And as is always the case with Zotero, your users can create as many research groups as they like, with as many members as they need. To purchase a subscription for your organization, or to request more information, please contact

Zotero Lab

Zotero Lab is ideal for departments and laboratories. A simple administrative interface lets you add or remove users from your Zotero Lab subscription at any time.

Annual Cost

$30 per user, with a minimum of 15 users.

Sample pricing:

Users Cost
15 $450
25 $750
50 $1500
100 $3000

Zotero Institution

Zotero Institution provides unlimited storage for entire universities, libraries, and research institutions. All members of your organization are automatically added to your Zotero Institution subscription, based on their organizational email addresses.

Annual Cost

$2000 for the first 500 FTE, plus $0.40 per additional FTE.

Sample pricing:

FTE Cost
500 $2,000
3,000 $3,000
10,000 $5,800
20,000 $9,800