slimefoot4 : Curriculum Vitae

<br /> <p>Vada Loca yeah conspiracy th

Vada Loca yeah conspiracy theories can be very interesting and fun sometimes it really

does suck what happened because that money is most likely gone. Maybe I'll be able

to get another pair somehow some way. I'll probably keep the fake pair as a memory

for sure. Doubt I'll wear them anymore. Thanks for the support, hopefully you have

a blessed 2021

Blake Yarbrough Yes that makes more sense! I do love a good conspiracy theory though.

So sorry this happened to you. Hopefully you can get yourself a new pair

and be able to put this behind you.

Maybe keep the fake pair as dailys or something!

oneoone I'm not going to argue with you or try to convince you personally

that this is a real story. It is. I've been collecting sneakers pretty

heavily for 10-11 years now. I've worked in sneaker stores. I've seen tons

of fake Jordans and Nikes but in 2018 I didn't know as much about the Mars

Yard specifically. I know a lot about sneakers but I certainly don't know

everything. At the time I bought these from StockX there weren't a whole

bunch of Blogs calling them out for fakes and I assumed what they sent

me was real; Obviously looking back on it I should have been more cautious and all that but it

doesn't change my position that I'm in. I'm a very open and honest person who just

loves sneakers. I have no reason to get on YouTube and lie about anything. I'm happy

to answer any legit question or comment that anyone has as long as it's done respectfully.

That's just me.