Top-Level Items

title creator dateAdded
Stanford typed dependencies manual De Marneffe and Manning 2014-01-02T21:39:26Z
Software Design Patterns for Information Visualization Heer and Agrawala 2013-12-06T23:37:46Z
A statistical interpretation of term specificity and its application in retrieval Jones 2013-12-05T20:03:22Z
Query by example Zloof 2013-12-04T04:43:23Z
WordSeer: a knowledge synthesis environment for textual data Muralidharan et al. 2013-12-01T19:31:40Z
Seesoft-a tool for visualizing line oriented software statistics Eick et al. 2013-11-28T23:26:20Z
To Tell a Free Story: The First Century of Afro-American Autobiography, 1760-1865 Andrews 2013-11-28T23:08:42Z
African-American Autobiography: A Collection Of Critical Essays Author: William L. Andrews, Publisher: Prentice Hall Page Andrews 2013-11-28T23:08:42Z
The Representation of Slavery and the Rise of Afro-American Literary Realism, 1865-1920 Andrews 2013-11-28T23:08:42Z
About Docsouth Slave Narratives Collection 2013-11-28T23:08:04Z
An Introduction to the Slave Narrative Andrews 2013-11-28T23:02:19Z
QDA Miner 2.0: Mixed-model qualitative data analysis software Lewis and Maas 2013-11-28T22:48:54Z
Data mining using SAS enterprise miner Matignon 2013-11-28T22:47:04Z
Effects of display configurations on document triage Bae et al. 2013-11-28T22:43:31Z
Investigating document triage on paper and electronic media Buchanan and Loizides 2013-11-28T22:43:02Z
Recognizing user interest and document value from reading and organizing activities in document triage Badi et al. 2013-11-28T22:40:59Z
Independent Women? Representations of gender-specific possession in two Shakespeare plays. Froehlich 2013-11-24T20:26:43Z
Independent Women? Representations of gender-specific possession in two Shakespeare plays. Froehlich 2013-11-24T20:25:04Z
What do the attributes of exploratory search tell us about evaluation Qu and Furnas 2013-11-24T04:04:50Z
Designing exploratory search tasks for user studies of information seeking support systems Kules and Capra 2013-11-24T03:45:04Z
Assigning search tasks designed to elicit exploratory search behaviors Wildemuth and Freund 2013-11-24T03:44:38Z
Report on ACM SIGIR 2006 Workshop on Evaluating Exploratory Search Systems White et al. 2013-11-24T02:47:35Z
Applied Cognitive Task Analysis (ACTA): A practitioner's toolkit for understanding cognitive task demands Militello and Hutton 2013-11-21T17:54:41Z
Glass box: An instrumented infrastructure for supporting human interaction with information Cowley et al. 2013-11-21T17:43:44Z
Being literate with large document collections: Observational studies and cost structure tradeoffs Russell et al. 2013-11-21T17:38:08Z