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Top 6 ESA Dog Breeds for Anxiety


Animals have a long history of providing companionship and support to humans. Interacting with animals can be very beneficial for both the emotional and psychological wellbeing of people. Emotional support animals help to reduce stress by lowering blood pressure and enhancing mood. ESA especially dogs offers a sense of security to those who feel anxiety and panic attacks in day to day life by promoting social interaction.You must have an emotional support animal letter before getting an esa. 

Anyone who is suffering from anxiety can know how debilitating it can be. Many people experience some sort of anxiety at different points in their life such as before a job interview, relationship breakup, house move, etc. if you encounter anxiety only during the stressful period then it is quite common. However, an anxiety disorder is different and is classified as a mental disorder.

Anxiety disorder is a term that includes a feeling of a panic attack and social phobia where you are not able to deal with specific phobias and everyday social situations. Of course, many treatments are present for long term anxiety including yoga, medication, mediation, exercise and diet change. Maybe you have tried one or more than one treatment and maybe they haven’t helped you as you’d hoped.

Have you ever thought of having an emotional support animal? If not then get an ESA for you as it is one of the best way to reduce symptoms of anxiety. Many studies have shown that spending time with ESA releases oxytocin, a chemical that fill us with a positive feeling. Other than this dogs also increase the feelings of wellbeing and calm and make you feel more secure in the environment.

So, which breed of dog is best for helping with anxiety? In this article, we will give you a list of best breeds of ESA dogs. All these dog breeds will inspire you to laugh daily. Therefore if you are having anxiety disorder then do not wait and get an ESA Letter from a registered mental health care professional. 

Labrador retriever

Labrador Retrievers are very energetic and happy and will encourage you to relax even when you are not feeling well. They are great ESA dogs due to their gentle demeanor and intelligence. Labrador is popular ESA dogs because they are best known for their dependability. They are very intelligent, friendly and eager to please their owners. 

 German shepherd

The German shepherd is one of the highly versatile breeds due to its intelligence. You can train this dog for a wide variety of purpose and surely they make the best ESA dogs. Try to know can dogs eat tomatoes


Poodles are not only considered as one of the smartest breeds of dog but they also provide support in a panic attack. Poodles are very loving and you can train them easily what to do when you are in distress. Poodles are super social and are born performers. They are hypo-allergic and are great at adapting to the environment. Poodles require special training as their hairs never stop growing. 


Do you know that Corgie can make excellent emotional support animal dogs? Corgi is an affectionate and even-tempered breed. These sturdy and short dogs are known for their friendly and obedient attitudes. These dogs provide excellent companionship to people with disabilities


Bulldogs have an appearance of being a little grumpy but actually, they are very friendly and gentle. Bulldogs are perfect ESA dogs for those who suffer from anxiety. These dogs love to keep your company. 


The Beagle is a small dog and is famous for its floppy ears and being soft and pure.ESA Letter can guide you about can dogs eat orangesThese dogs are beautiful and loyal. Beagle is very entertaining and active and all these qualities make Beagle perfect for emotional support animal dog.


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