Top-Level Items

title creator dateAdded
Comparison of models and measurements of angle-resolved scatter from irregular aerosols Milstein and Richardson 2014-09-11T16:11:42Z
Development of the discrete dipole approximation for simulation of interaction of light with nanoparticles of arbitrary shape and structure Yurkin 2014-09-08T10:07:57Z
Enhanced characterisation of milk fat globules by their size, shape and refractive index with scanning flow cytometry Konokhova et al. 2014-09-03T16:00:37Z
Identification and characterization of cell-derived microparticles using light scattering Konokhova et al. 2014-08-28T05:58:01Z
Discrete dipole approximation for particles near surface: a 3D-FFT-accelerated implementation Yurkin and Huntemann 2014-08-28T05:46:04Z
Light-scattering by aggregates of tumor cells: Spectral, polarimetric, and angular measurements Ceolato et al. 2014-08-23T20:38:25Z
Using the discrete dipole approximation and holographic microscopy to measure rotational dynamics of non-spherical colloidal particles Wang et al. 2014-08-23T20:36:38Z
Electric field used as the substitute for ultrasounds in the liquid exfoliation of hexagonal boron nitride Sokołowska et al. 2014-08-23T19:48:01Z
Effect of fractal parameters on absorption properties of soot in the infrared region Prasanna et al. 2014-08-23T19:44:41Z
On the understanding of local optical resonance in elongated dielectric particles Bogdanowicz and Vandervorst 2014-08-23T19:43:42Z
Comparison of discrete exterior calculus and discrete-dipole approximation for electromagnetic scattering Räbinä et al. 2014-08-23T19:39:54Z
Analytical long-wavelength approximation for parallelepipeds Farafonov and Il'in 2014-08-23T19:38:20Z
Inhomogeneity structure and the applicability of effective medium approximations in calculating light scattering by inhomogeneous particles Liu et al. 2014-08-23T19:36:26Z
Scattering of 1-D periodic scatterer and asymptotic comparison using the many-body iterative T-matrix method Sun et al. 2014-08-23T19:34:12Z
Effect of particle mixing morphology on aerosol scattering and absorption: A discrete dipole modeling study Zhang and Thompson 2014-08-23T18:52:41Z
Brownian aggregation rate of colloid particles with several active sites Nekrasov et al. 2014-08-13T19:34:52Z
The resonant, near-resonant, and off-resonant plasmon coupling effects for the bonding modes in two types of asymmetric dimer Li et al. 2014-08-07T05:41:23Z
Using nanoscale and mesoscale anisotropy to engineer the optical response of three-dimensional plasmonic metamaterials Ross et al. 2014-08-07T05:41:11Z
Additivity of light-scattering patterns of aggregated biological particles Moskalensky et al. 2014-08-06T09:54:39Z
Shape derivatives of boundary integral operators in electromagnetic scattering. Part II: application to scattering by a homogeneous dielectric obstacle Costabel and Louër 2014-08-05T06:58:27Z
Shape derivatives of boundary integral operators in electromagnetic scattering. Part I: shape differentiability of pseudo-homogeneous boundary integral operators Costabel and Louër 2014-08-05T06:58:22Z
The essential spectrum of the volume integral operator in electromagnetic scattering by a homogeneous body Costabel et al. 2014-08-05T06:58:12Z
Volume and surface integral equations for electromagnetic scattering by a dielectric body Costabel et al. 2014-08-05T06:58:10Z
Two-dimensional metamaterial device design in the discrete dipole approximation Landy and Smith 2014-08-05T06:24:59Z
Understanding the photothermal effect of gold nanostars and nanorods for biomedical applications Wang et al. 2014-08-05T06:17:41Z