Marly Carolina Martinez Soto

As geochemical and MSc in Marine Science, I'm in the ability to develop research and teaching at the college level in any of the specialties. I am in the ability to participate in the search for natural materials of economic interest. Participate in the research and diagnosis of the problems of pollution and environmental disturbance resulting from human activity. Research and develop techniques to prevent and reverse the processes of contamination. Perform physical and chemical studies of soil and water for the purpose of defining the chemical and physicochemical variables that contribute to a rational exploitation of natural resources. Develop chemical analysis techniques applied to the evaluation of water, rocks, sediment, oil and other natural materials. Develop teaching in secondary education in subjects related to chemistry, physical chemistry, geosciences and marine sciences. I am in the ability to analyze, adapt and integrate the scientific and technological advances of Marine Sciences, participate in the development of Marine Science, strengthen national and international development Marine Science, wisely using the vast marine resources and make them serve human beings, promote marine research, both basic and applied, plan their action in the international scientific field. I have been responsible and involved in planning and developing various research projects and cruises, the overall development of characterization,including the interpretation of the results. Also, I've written the reports,specializing in the marine environment. I am currently working on a project episodics Biogeochemical Consequences of events in a harbor with restricted exchange (EHRE), which allows me to choose the degree of Doctor of Marine Ecology, expanding my knowledge in the coastal marine environment, also broaden and deepen my capabilities to carry out research in science.





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