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Michael D Dwyer : Curriculum Vitae



DepartmentofMedia & Communication

224MurphyHall ArcadiaUniversity Glenside, PA 19038


Phone:215.572.2857 (office)



n   Ph.D. (awardedwithDistinction) – English, SyracuseUniversity.                                            2010.

·      Committee:StevenCohan,RogerHallas, SusanEdmunds,JaneFeuer,Patty Roylance

n   M.A.– Literary &CulturalStudies, Carnegie MellonUniversity.                                              2003.

n   B.A. (Departmental Honors, cum laude) –English, UniversityofMiami.                                 2002.



n     Associate Professor ofMedia & Communication, ArcadiaUniversity.                                      2016-.

n     Assistant Professor ofMedia & Communication, ArcadiaUniversity.                                  2010-2016.

n     Teaching Associate, Writing Program & English, Syracuse University.                            2004-2010.



n     AmericanFilm & PopularMusic,Sound Studies, Nostalgia, Cultural Studies,Media Industries



Authored Book

n     Back to the Fifties: Nostalgia, Hollywood FilmandPopularMusicoftheSeventies and Eighties.

June2015, OxfordUP.




n     The Same OldSongs.Alphaville Journalof FilmandScreen Media. Issue3 (Summer 2012).



n     “Fixing theFiftiesin the ReaganEra. The 1980s: ATransitionalDecade.  Duncan Campbell and

Kimberly R. Moffitt, eds.  Latham,MD:Rowman & Littlefield/ Lexington Books.December2010.

n     "ItWasSomething: Kathleen Hanna, SadieBenning,andthe LimitsofGrrrl-hood.Singingfor Themselves: Essayson Women inPopularMusic.  PatriciaSpence Rudden, ed. Newcastle-upon- Tyne (UK): Cambridge ScholarsPublishing, 2007.


Selected Open-Access and Popular Publications

n     “Prince And ‘the Other Eighties.’” OUPblog, April 25, 2016.

n     “Book Review: Jim Jarmusch: Music, Words and Noise.” Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television 36, no. 2 (April 2, 2016): 258–60.

n     A pure object, aspectacle, aclown.” CultureBot.January 10, 2013.

n     Raphael Saadiq’sSoulMemory.In MediaRes.August30,2012.

n     “On WindowsClosing.”Negative Dunkalectics.January 2012.

n     TheGathering ofthe Juggalosandthe Peculiar Sanctity ofFandom.Flow.December17, 2010.


n     “Something on the Air: Radio Formats and Hollywood Soundtracks.” Society of Cinema and Media Studies. March 30-April 3, 2016.Atlanta, GA

n     “Oldies, Nostalgia,andthe Opening oftheFMDial.The International Association for Media and

History.May17-20, 2015.Bloomington, IN.

n     Soul in the Rear View:TheBlues Brothers.” SocietyofCinema&MediaStudies, March25-29,

2015.Montreal, QC, Canada.

n     The‘NewManandFiftiesStardom.'” Film & History Conference. October30,2014. Madison, WI.

n     Michael Jackson andtheLegacy of 'Real Showmen.'That's Entertainment!: Valedictory

Symposium for Steven Cohan.March6-7,2014, Syracuse, NY.

n     TheMeaningoftheWord‘Neighbor’ in Rear Window.SocietyofCinema&Media Studies.March

6-10, 2013. Chicago, IL.

n     Blue Velvet throughmy Ears.SocietyofCinema&Media Studies. March21-25, 2012.Boston MA.

n     The Same OldSongs?Inventing Oldiesin 1980sCinema."SocietyofCinemaand MediaStudies.

March8-12,2011. New Orleans,LA.

n     Back in Time: Pastichingthe Fifties.SocietyofCinemaandMediaStudies.Tokyo,Japan.May21-

24, 2009. (Conference rescheduledto March2010,LosAngeles, CA.)

n     Back to theFifties: Ronald ReaganandMarty McFly.PopularCulture Association/American

Culture Association. San Francisco, CA.March18-22, 2008.

n     Panel Respondent.“EmbodyingDifference/ Representing Identity.RegionalLGBT/Queer Studies

Conference.  Syracuse University, November3, 2007.

n      “ItWasSomething: TheDIY AestheticsandBody PoliticsofKathleen HannaandSadie Benning.

MidwestModernLanguage Association, ChicagoIL.November10-12,2006.

n     Radical Cheerleadingandthe AestheticsofPolitical Demonstration after Seattle.”University of

Albany Graduate Conference in the Humanities.Albany, NY. April 22-23,2006.


n     Memory, Mourning,Michael.SchoolofForeign Languages. Jiangsu U, China. June17, 2015.

n     Re-ReadingAmericanGraffiti.Philadelphia Cinema andMedia Seminar. Temple University

HumanitiesCenter. December 8, 2011.

n     StarLegacies: RememberingJamesDean andSandraDee.WordandImageColloquium, Syracuse University EnglishDepartment.  April 17, 2009.

n     Writing YourWay In to Film Studies. KnightInstitute for Writing in the Disciplines. Cornell

University. February 2008.

n     Watching with Hitchcock.” Knight Institute for Writing in theDisciplines.  Cornell University.



n     2010-present: Assistant Professor, Dept ofMedia&Communication, Arcadia University.









n     2006-2010:FPPTeachingAssociate,DepartmentofEnglish, SyracuseUniversity

ETS145:ReadingPopularCulture ETS154:InterpretationofFilm ETS182:RaceandLiteraryTexts

n     2006:SummerStartWriting Instructor, SyracuseUniversity


n     2005:Coordinator,Weekly Teaching Practicum, Writing Program, SyracuseUniversity

WRT670:PracticumforNewTeachersin Writing

n     2005:Writing Consultant,SummerStart Program, SyracuseUniversity.

n     2004-2005:Teaching Associate, Writing Program, SyracuseUniversity




n     Panel Coordinator,DH: On Campus, Out ofthe Classroom.THATCamp Philly. The Humanities and

Technology Conference. PhiladelphiaPA. September28-29,2013,

n     “On 'NiceGuy'Misogyny.For the Women SPEAK OUT. Arcadia University. April 2013.

n       Panelist,AssessmentWorkshop.Faculty Development Workshops. ArcadiaUniversity. May 2012.

n       Participant,THATCamp Philly. The HumanitiesandTechnology Conference. Philadelphia PA.


n       Bringing itHome:Web2.0 andPop Pedagogy. SyracuseUniversity ProjectAdvance

English/Writing Conference. SyracuseUniversity, October14, 2009.

n       Building aTeaching Archive.ProfessionalDevelopment Seminars.TheGraduate School, Syracuse University.  November 2008.

n       “Leading aDiscussionor Recitation.Teaching Assistant Orientation Program.TheGraduate

School, SyracuseUniversity. August2008.

n       “Using Online ForatoTeach. EnglishDepartment Orientation Program.SyracuseUniversity.

August 2007.

n       “Leading aDiscussionor Recitation.TA Orientation Program.  TheGraduate School, Syracuse

University. August2007.

n       "Facilitating andEvaluating Student Writing."Professional Development Seminars.  TheGraduate

School, SyracuseUniversity. March2007.

n       Teaching withImages.TA Orientation Program.  The Graduate School, SyracuseUniversity. August




n     InstructionalTechnology Grant, Mobile Podcasting Studio, Arcadia University. 2015.

n     Doctoral Prize in the Humanities,OutstandingDissertation, SyracuseUniversity. 2011.

n     Outstanding TA Award,The Graduate School at Syracuse University. 2010.

n     TeachingMentor,FulbrightFLTA Orientation, Syracuse NY 2009. (competitive,4 awarded)

n     Syracuse University TAOPTeachingFellow, 2006-2008.(competitive, 25awarded)

n     Syracuse University EnglishDepartment Summer Fellowship, 2006-2007.

n     RaymondWilliamsFellowship, Carnegie Mellon University. 2002-2003.





n  2014-, ArcadiaUniversity,DepartmentofMedia &Communication,UndergraduateProgramDirector

n  2013-,SocietyofCinemaand MediaStudies, ITCommittee

n  2013-2014, ArcadiaUniversity, Faculty Secretary

n  2013-,Arcadia University,JuniorFaculty Advocacy Group, Facilitator

n  2013-,Editorial Board, ArcadiaUniversity HonorsPublication,The Compass.

n  2012-, ArcadiaUniversity,Digital Repository AdvisoryGroup.

n  2012-, ArcadiaUniversity,Committee forUniversityWriting Awards.

n  2011-, Arcadia University. Facilitator, student-run multimediapublicationLoco.

n  2011, ArcadiaUniversity.Acquired“RWdesignation for CM213: Writing &Communications.

n  2011, ArcadiaUniversity.CommissionedReportonBest Practicesfor Student Media

n  2008, SyracuseUniversity. Co-Founder &Coordinator: TA Teaching Archive

n  2007-2008, SyracuseUniversity. Graduate StudentRepresentativetoGraduate Committee

n  2004-2008, SyracuseUniversity WebCoordinator, EnglishGraduate Organization

n  2005-2007: SyracuseUniversity, Facilitator, EnglishGraduate Organization

n  2004: SyracuseUniversity, Graduate StudentRepresentative to EnglishDeptAgendaCommittee

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