Import progress

Joel Kalvesmaki Aug 5, 2010 9:29:15 PM
To expedite the import process I have classified all 500+ entries in the Evagrius bibliography into one of three categories: journal articles, book, and book section. These categories and assignments can be refined further. I have now imported the 260+ journal articles, which are now available for tagging, editing, and correction. I am working on preparing the last two categories for a full import, and will advise on progress.
Joel Kalvesmaki Aug 11, 2010 5:46:54 PM

Stage two—books—is underway. I have just added nearly 100 monographs that largely or wholly deal with Evagrius. Because the data is derived from OCLC and Hollis, quite a bit of clean-up is required. Help is welcome. I would encourage all comments to be set not in the abstract field but as notes.

Stage three—chapters/parts of books—will start only after all the monographs in the old bibliography are entered (datawarts and all). Roughly 100 more monographs need to be entered first.

Joel Kalvesmaki Sep 9, 2010 9:30:56 PM

Stage three--book parts--is finished. All items in the original bibliography have been added, in the main. The records are still rife with problems, but at least the bulk of the work needed for importing is finished.

Tasks that need members' assistance:

  • Adding or correcting abstracts (the notes field is preferred to the abstract field)
  • Remove irrelevant tags
  • Add tags indicating the presence of a translation or edition of a given text by Evagrius
  • Fill in more minor information: language, call number

The above are only examples of things to be accomplished. If you dive in and are uncertain about what conventions to follow, raise the issue here for discussion. Onward!