Presentation of the project, contributing

alucet Jan 14, 2015 3:44:44 PM

Welcome to the Gustav Landauer online participative bibliography

This website aims to supply a complete and up-to-date database of works related to Gustav Landauer. It is based on previous works by Landauer scholars as well as on the ongoing contribution of current researchers.

This bibliography is:

  • ACCESSIBLE. Free and full access to the bibliography is given to anyone through this website. English is used as a working language, so as to facilitate international discussions.
  • UP-TO-DATE. Any piece of literature published on Landauer can be added in just a few clicks, thanks to the free software used to create this database.
  • PARTICIPATIVE. In order to include any new research made throughout the world, international participation is a condition. All contributions and item submissions are welcome.
  • RESEARCH-FRIENDLY. More than a mere list of publications, this bibliography also offers a number of useful tools, including notes, tags, chronology, editing facilities etc.

The bibliography gathers primary as well as secondary literature, it mentions all known texts and talks by Landauer. There is also a category for images of Landauer. Scholarly articles, book reviews, novels, newspaper articles dedicated to Landauer or simply mentioning his name are stated and classified, which makes this bibliography not only complete but also organised for further research. Every time a web link is available, it is given in order to make access easier to all sources.

All translations of texts by and on Landauer are mentioned, in order to allow a broader international knowledge of the German philosopher and to answer the growing interest for his life and thought. Eighteen languages are already present, hopefully more will come.

If you wish to contribute, either by sending missing references and corrections or by becoming a editing member of the project, please email the editor. However, you don't need to contribute to enjoy the full possibilities of the database, but you will need to become a (non-editing) member if you wish to use this bibliography in the "Zotero standalone" software or with the webbrowser add-on for Zotero. For this matter, send an email to the same address.