Title Case

Charles Muller Apr 5, 2012 2:46:27 AM
Titles that come from WorldCat and other sites are mostly, incorrectly, in all lower case (that it not the way the books were published). Especially with long titles, I correct these by using the below Word macro: Sub TitleCase() Dim lclist As String Dim wrd As Integer Dim sTest As String ' list of lowercase words, surrounded by spaces lclist = " of the by to this is from a " Selection.Range.Case = wdTitleWord For wrd = 2 To Selection.Range.Words.Count sTest = Trim(Selection.Range.Words(wrd)) sTest = " " & LCase(sTest) & " " If InStr(lclist, sTest) Then Selection.Range.Words(wrd).Case = wdLowerCase End If Next wrd End Sub
Peter Wyzlic Apr 5, 2012 9:55:40 AM

I may point to the fact that the practice of upper/lower case may actually differ in languages other than English. E.g., while in French publications title pages are often printed in UPPER CASE, in citations, however, it is common usage to put nouns and adjectives into lower case - with the exception of proper names etc. In German it is considered wrong to write adjectives with an upper case letter. While in English titles like "An Ideal Husband" may be accepted, it would be incorrect to write in German "Ein Idealer Ehemann" (it has to be "idealer"). 

And to make it more difficult: what is the correct case in the transcription of non-western alphabets? So I would like to suggest to capitalize wherever it is felt appropriate but to leave it in other cases as it is. Of course, nobody is competent in all the languages and it may be better to make no decision than to make a wrong decision.

Charles Muller Apr 5, 2012 10:03:14 AM

I understand that European conventions are different from those in North America, so I'm not asking that *all* titles have uppercase applied--only those books that are published in North America. I also understand that this cannot be done in the midst of inputting data from a large personal database, or when pulling  a large batch of data from WorldCat, CinII, etc. I'm not doing that either. I am just suggesting that after we do get a lot of data into the system, people try to fix this when they have the chance.

-- Chuck