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A laboratory study of the initial effects of dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) on metal release from shallow sediments Varadharajan et al. 2013-10-10T12:42:36Z
La Huitième Couleur: Les Annales du Disque-monde, T1 Pratchett 2013-01-22T19:28:55Z
Virginia Woolf | Une pièce à soi - 2012-12-15T22:50:49Z
Numerical heat transfer analyses of a wavy-laminar falling film using moving curvilinear coordinates Aubert et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:53Z
Brain state-dependent neuronal computation Quilichini and Bernard 2012-11-07T11:06:52Z
One-Pot Chemoselective Bis(Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling): Efficient Access to 3,9-Bis[(hetero)aryl]-4H-pyrido[1,2-a]pyrimidin-4-one Derivatives Under Microwave Irradiation Kabri et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:51Z
Molecular structural analysis of carious lesions using micro-Raman spectroscopy Levallois et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:50Z
Right ventricular function in mechanical ventilation: It is not just about size! reply Guervilly and Roch 2012-11-07T11:06:49Z
Performance of alfentanil target-controlled infusion in normal and morbidly obese female patients(dagger) Perus et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:48Z
Laccase/HBT and laccase-CBM/HBT treatment of softwood kraft pulp: Impact on pulp bleachability and physical properties Ravalason et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:47Z
Shewanella oneidensis terminal oxidases Le Laz et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:46Z
The energy sulfur metabolism of the hyperthermophilic bacterium Aquifex aeolicus Guiral et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:45Z
Molecular basis for semiquinone stabilization in respiratory enzymes: a pulsed EPR study of the menasemiquinone binding mode in E. coli nitrate reductase A Grimaldi et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:44Z
Study of respiratory complexes in the low GC firmicutes Bacillus subtilis and Geobacillus stearothermophilus Bergdoll et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:43Z
Evolution of Rieske/cytochrome b complexes, the enzyme that witnessed the history of life since the Last Universal Common Ancestor Baymann et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:42Z
Membrane-bound respiratory nitrate reductase functioning: It takes two to tango Arias-Cartin et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:41Z
Base on balls for the Chapman strategy: Reassessing Brouwer, Brenner, and Smeets (2002) Zaal et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:40Z
Two Types of Procoagulant Platelets Are Formed Upon Physiological Activation and Are Controlled by Integrin alpha(IIb)beta(3) Topalov et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:39Z
Diet Modulates Endogenous Thrombin Generation, A Biological Estimate of Thrombosis Risk, Independently of the Metabolic Status Sanchez et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:38Z
Towards the rationalization of the MALDI process: a combined mass spectrometry/solid-state NMR approach Major et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:37Z
Migration and hypertension in Dakar, Senegal Duboz et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:36Z
Si/S1-xGex/Si-based quantum wells infrared photodetector operating at 1.55 mu m Sfina et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:35Z
Why does picture naming take longer than word reading? The contribution of articulatory processes Ries et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:34Z
Superluminous supernovae: 56Ni power versus magnetar radiation Dessart et al. 2012-11-07T11:06:33Z
Manifold-driven spirals in N-body barred galaxy simulations Athanassoula 2012-11-07T11:06:32Z