Kennedy Manduna

Kennedy Manduna is an avid governance, public policy and administration analyst by profession and has academic training in public policy and administration. His areas of expertise are: Public Policy Formulation & Analysis, Management of Public Finance, Governance (Local & National), Research Methods (Qualitative & Quantitative), Strategic Planning & Management, E-Governance & Management Information Systems, Programme & Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Human Resources Management & Institutional Capacity Building. His experience in public policy, governance and administration include his teaching experience as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Political and Administrative Studies at the University of Zimbabwe. He taught various public administration courses. He served in various capacities as a researcher in various think-tanks in Zimbabwe and these are Mass Public Opinion Institute, Research Council of Zimbabwe, Research Continental-Fonkom, Target Research, CeSHHAR and Cumview Corporate Communications. Kennedy has published his article in Public Policy and Administration Research Journal. The article dealt with implementing participatory budgeting systems in Africa’s local authorities but with special reference to Zimbabwe. Currently, he is working on two other articles which will be ready for publication next month (June). The first one is about the nexus between politics and public policy; the case of the Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Policy in Zimbabwe. The second one is about the discontinuities and continuities in implementing the Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Policy in Zimbabwe (2007-2016). Kennedy is a full time Public Policy and Governance PhD Student at the University of the Witwatersrand in the Wits School of Governance.





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