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The Illustrated Pocket Diary: Generic Continuity and Innovation, 1820-40 Jung 2012-10-12T19:44:43Z
Poems on conchology and botany : with plates an... Hoare 2012-04-19T23:07:14Z
An Introduction to Botany: In a Series of Familiar Letters, with ... - Priscilla Wakefield, Sarah Hoare - Google Books Wakefield and Hoare 2012-04-19T22:53:24Z
About | Introduction to Digital Humanities Clement 2012-02-25T20:56:35Z
Scholarly Editing: The Annual of the Association for Documentary Editing 2012-02-23T22:19:21Z
Literary annuals and gift books; a bibliography with a descriptive introduction : Faxon, Frederick W. (Frederick Winthrop), 1866-1936 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive Faxon 2012-01-27T05:42:27Z
The illustrated natural history - John George Wood - Google Books 2012-01-18T18:19:32Z
The John MacKay Shaw Collection - Subject Guides at The Florida State University 2011-10-26T21:36:08Z
Angelica's Ladies Library (1794) at UC Boulder 2011-10-24T21:52:49Z
habent sua fata libelli: Had we but world enough, and time, or paper . . . but right now, I'd just settle for a smaller font (observations concerning a practice of the handpress era) 2011-09-01T17:42:10Z
Dickinson Electronic Archives 2011-08-15T19:34:26Z
Jane Austen Fiction Manuscripts: Home 2011-08-15T19:34:10Z
Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine 2011-08-15T19:33:30Z
The Walt Whitman Archive 2011-08-15T19:32:50Z
Digital Resources for Nineteenth-Century Literary Studies Walsh 2011-08-15T19:31:04Z
Electronic Scholarly Editions Price 2011-08-15T19:30:33Z
Is There a Text on This Screen? Gervais 2011-08-15T19:30:02Z
Virtual Codex Drucker 2011-08-15T19:29:17Z
A Companion to Digital Literary Studies 2011-08-15T19:27:14Z
Published Yet Never Done: The Tension Between Projection and Completion in Digital Humanities Research 2011-08-15T19:20:41Z
Done: Finishing Projects in the Digital Humanities 2011-08-15T19:20:30Z
Mapping Concord: Google Maps and the 19th-Century Concord Digital Archive 2011-08-15T19:20:03Z
The Poetess Archive Database Mandell 2011-08-15T19:19:13Z
September 11 Digital Archive 2011-08-15T19:15:29Z
What is the William Blake "Archive"? 2011-08-15T19:14:56Z