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How to Format Long Quotes in Chicago Style?



If you are someone who thinks that you’ll only use MLA or APA formats to write your papers for the rest of your life then, you are wrong! Suppose you are stuck in an exam, and you have to use an unfamiliar format of essay writing service. What will you do?

Well, that’s why you should have some basic idea about each format to get good grades in your academic writings. Chicago Style is extensively used as a standard format to create and publish scholarly articles and papers in most places. This means you must learn this formatting style, specifically formatting quotations.

To help you learn how to format long quotes of different types, we have composed a guideline. You can check other guidelines on any best essay writing service online. For now, let's begin!

To incorporate a quote or put it in the form of a blockquote, you should first check the type and length of the quote. You should know that there are three types of quotes which are prose, verse, and dialogue. We will now discuss how to format the three types of quotes separately.



Proses are the regular ideas and quotations of an author in a book or report. The prose could consist of four or fewer lines, or they might be lengthy. If the prose you are quoting falls in the first category, use quotation marks and write it down in the text. But if it is more than four lines, then write it off in a block quotation format.

If you want to set a less than four lines quotation in block form to emphasize it further then, you have the option, but usually, it is included in the text.

Well before writing a quotation, you introduce it. And there might be different ways of introducing it. For example, if your introduction is a whole sentence, then put a colon at the end of the introductory sentence and then start the block quotation. But if it includes terms like 'according to' or 'claim', then put a comma at the end of the sentence.

You should not use any quotation marks in a block quotation; instead, you put an in-text citation at the end. However, you keep the quotation marks if they are used within the quote. Also, maintain single spacing in the quotation section but leave space after and before it.

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You should know that verse could be drama or poetry. So formatting is different from prose and dialog.

You will write down a block quotation of poetry that consists of two to three lines.  After this, you have to indent the block by 0.5 inches. Verse block quotations are not restrictive in terms of spacing, unlike prose block quotations. While writing the verse quotation, you have to keep every spelling, grammar, punctuation, and expression similar even if it is wrong in some way. Also, take help from a paper writing service if you need it. 



Dialogs, you know, are the exact words and lines spoken between two or more two people in a screen act or play.

Quoting a dialog could be different. For example, if you are quoting two to three dialogs from a play written by Shakespeare, you will write it exactly like the verse quotation. But the names of characters will appear in upper case, another font, or bold.

This guideline is helpful if you want to have a quick read about the quotation format in the Chicago manual. Writing essays is a tough job if you are someone who ignores the formats. Therefore, always keep a proper guideline about the format while writing an essay to score good grades.

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