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Halloween Shirts StirTshirt : Curriculum Vitae

The author argues that wearing just a regular T-shirt during Halloween is "stupid" and gives tips on what kind of shirt to wear during the holiday. Hey guys! Happy All Hallow's Eve! Wait, wait, wait- if you're reading this post, then that means you're probably not ready for tomorrow night's festivities...I don't blame you. Most of us aren't. It's okay, though. Wearing a "scary" shirt like I'm recommending right now isn't exactly the best idea, and it's definitely not safe! say nothing of how you look...or smell...

It's not a bad idea to wear a shirt that would make your parents or teachers wonder what in the world you were thinking for Halloween...but if you're better than that, then consider dressing up in a way that involves something skanky, weird, or odd. You could wear overalls and worry about being stereotyped as an idiot later on ("that kid was wearing overalls"...


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