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The impact of telework on emotional experience: When, and for whom, does telework improve daily affective well-being? Anderson et al. 2014-12-18T12:21:55Z
Sentiment analysis of twitter audiences: Measuring the positive or negative influence of popular twitterers Bae and Lee 2012-12-07T10:26:20Z
How and why scholars cite on Twitter Priem and Costello 2012-10-21T22:02:44Z
Text-based Pedagogy Using Twitter in Japanese English Education: A Pilot Study Nakashima 2012-09-10T12:03:22Z
Twitter Usage Habits of Undergraduate Students Bicen and Cavus 2012-09-10T11:33:24Z
Tweet, tweet, retweet: Conversational aspects of retweeting on twitter Boyd et al. 2012-06-26T12:44:33Z
Conversational tagging in twitter Huang et al. 2012-06-26T12:43:59Z
Integrating web-based intelligence retrieval and decision-making from the twitter trends knowledge base Cheong and Lee 2012-06-26T12:43:01Z
Tweetstats trends Cortesi 2012-06-26T12:38:42Z
15 Social Media Performance Influence Measurement Tools Pelser 2012-06-26T12:37:26Z
Social media for dissemination: reflections on using a range of tools to disseminate events at a learning and teaching conference. Chilton and Macdonald 2012-06-26T12:33:13Z
PLANETA WEB 2.0 Romaní and Kuklinski 2012-02-17T15:16:45Z
Twitter Usage Among College Faculty is on the Rise - Faculty Focus | Faculty Focus Bart, Mary 2012-02-06T18:44:01Z
A social network analysis perspective on student interaction within the twitter microblogging environment Stepanyan et al. 2012-01-21T12:37:21Z
Scholars, scholarship, and the scholarly enterprise in the digital age Katz 2012-01-21T10:59:51Z
Massively collaborative mathematics Gowers and Nielsen 2012-01-21T10:38:20Z
Una herramienta emergente de la Web 2.0: la wiki. Reflexión sobre sus usos educativos Del Moral Villalta 2012-01-21T10:37:22Z
Twitter Aplicaciones profesionales y de empresa Rodríguez, Oscar 2012-01-20T16:56:25Z
The backchannel: how audiences are using Twitter and social media and changing presentations forever Atkinson 2012-01-20T10:59:44Z
Use of Web 2.0 technologies in LIS education: experiences at Tallinn University, Estonia Virkus 2012-01-19T20:21:55Z
Twittering in teacher education: reflecting on practicum experiences Wright 2012-01-19T19:58:20Z
Let's go formative: continuous student ratings with Web 2.0 application Twitter Stieger and Burger 2012-01-19T19:45:02Z
Usando Twitter para promover la educación contínua y la investigación en salud en el Perú Curioso et al. 2012-01-19T19:30:25Z
The use of Social Networks by Higher-Education Institutes in Israel Forkosh-Baruch and Hershkovitz 2012-01-19T19:18:11Z
Twitter for Libraries (and Librarians). Milstein 2012-01-19T16:39:27Z