Top-Level Items

title creator dateAdded
Narratives of Women and Murder in England, 1680-1760: Deadly Plots Saxton 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Fashioning Global Trade: Indian Textiles, Gender Meanings and European Consumers, 1500-1800 Lemire 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Women's Pockets and the Construction of Privacy in the Long Eighteenth Century Fennetaux 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Eleanor Mosley and Other Milliners in the City of London Companies 1700–1750 Erickson 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Rape in the eighteenth-century metropolis: Part 1 Durston 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Dr Mary Louisa Gordon (1861–1941): A Feminist Approach in Prison Cheney 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Married Women, Crime, and Questions of Liability in England, 1640-1760 Caswell 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Gender and the culture of the English alehouse in late Stuart England Capp 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
The Experience of Pregnancy and Childbirth for Unmarried Mothers in London, 1760–1866 Williams 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
‘Madness is a Woman’: Constance Kent and Victorian Constructions of Female Insanity Pegg 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Fraud and Freedom: Gender, Identity and Narratives of Deception among the Female Convicts in Colonial America Morgan and Rushton 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Negotiating Support: Crime and Women’s Networks in London and Middlesex, c. 1730-1820. McEwan 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
The fiction of female dependence and the makeshift economy of soldiers, sailors, and their wives in eighteenth-century London Hurl-Eamon 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Common Woman to Commodity: Changing Perceptions of Prostitution in Early Modern England, C. 1450-1750 Houston-Goudge 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Married women's occupations in eighteenth-century London Erickson 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Bigamous marriage in early modern England Capp 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Full-Text Databases and Historical Research: Cautionary Results from a Ten-Year Study Upchurch 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Natural language processing and early-modern dirty data: applying IBM Languageware to the 1641 depositions Sweetnam and Fennell 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
The Old Bailey Proceedings, 1674–1834. Evaluating and annotating a corpus of 18th-and 19th-century spoken English Huber 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
How do Researchers in the Humanities Use Information Resources? Collins and Jubb 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Research note: The founders and survivors project Bradley et al. 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Texts into databases: The evolving field of new-style prosopography Bradley 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Data Retrieval in a Diachronic Context Archer 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Digital Britain: New Labour's digitisation of the UK's cultural heritage White 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z
Documentation and the users of digital resources in the humanities Warwick et al. 2013-03-09T15:05:35Z