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Indians of the Midwest I The Newberry Library 2012-11-02T15:09:29Z
'Resistance to Removal' the 'White Indian,' Frances Slocum Sleeper-Smith 2012-08-06T14:28:46Z
Herons Who Wait at the Speleawee-Thepee: The Ohio River and the Shawnee World Edmunds 2012-06-25T15:14:24Z
The Ohio Shawnees' Struggle Against Removal, 1814-30 Warren 2012-06-19T23:18:41Z
The Business of Indian Removal: Deporting the Potawatomi from Wisconsin, 1851 Trennert 2012-06-19T22:38:31Z
Pierre Paquette, Winnebago Mixed-Blood: Profiteer or Tribal Spokesman? Zanger 2012-06-19T22:31:42Z
Indian Policy in the Jacksonian Era: The Old Northwest as a Test Case Satz 2012-06-19T22:07:09Z
The Removal Order and the Wisconsin Death March Satz 2012-06-19T21:59:02Z
The Removal from Minnesota of the Sioux and Winnebago Indians Lass 2012-06-19T21:53:14Z
'A Perfect Apollo': Keokuk and Sac Leadership During the Removal Era Lappas 2012-06-19T21:44:57Z
The Indian Policy of an 'Empire for Liberty' Horsman 2012-06-19T21:35:51Z
'Justice and Public Policy': Indian Trade, Treaties, and Removal from Northern Indiana, 1826-1846 Gernhardt 2012-06-19T21:26:03Z
The Prairie Potawatomi Removal of 1833 Edmunds 2012-06-19T21:16:52Z
'The Hinge on Which All Affairs of the Sauk and Fox Indians Turn': Keokuk and the United States Government Colbert 2012-06-19T16:44:58Z
Indian Removal and the Transformation of Northern Indiana Campion 2012-06-19T16:40:09Z
"They Found and Left Her an Indian": Gender, Race, and the Whitening of Young Bear Buss 2012-06-19T16:36:44Z
Life of Black Hawk : Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak Quaife 2012-06-19T16:33:07Z
Jean Baptiste Richardville: Miami Metis Birzer 2012-06-19T16:25:49Z
Prophet of War: Josiah Francis and the Creek War Owsley 2012-06-19T16:19:26Z
Main Poc: Potawatomi Wabeno Edmunds 2012-06-19T16:17:41Z
Speech by Tecumseh to Harrison, August 20, 1810; Harrison to the Secretary of War, August 7, 1811; Speech by Tecumseh, September 18, 1813 Harrison 2012-06-19T16:05:29Z
Women, kin, and Catholicism: New Perspectives on the Fur Trade Sleeper-Smith 2012-06-19T15:43:45Z
A Watchful Safeguard to Our Habitations: Black Hoof and the Loyal Shawnees Edmunds 2012-06-11T18:55:33Z
Minutes of a Treaty with the Indians: June-August, 1795 United States 2012-06-11T18:51:47Z
The Middle Ground White 2012-06-11T18:46:53Z