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Numerous person, I appreciate pireps from people with knowledge of shops you use (whether positive or negative) and prefer to offer my experience to the thought on others too. After a so-so experience during a recent avionics install, I found myself seeking an alternate avenue for your installation of a fresh transponder for ADS-B compliance. I called two local shops first. The tariff of one was so high that I actually busted out laughing on the phone just as if I were at the comedy bar. He was apparently less amused because i. I was telling the tale of my local quote into a friend in the airport anf the husband recommended that I call John Stark at Stark Avionics for the quote. In doing my due diligence before calling John, I browsed Mooneyspace and BT for pireps around the shop. In this, I ran across a totally terrible pirep on Stark Avionics. (Search in BT if you need to read it). This pirep caused me serious concern about g
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