Top-Level Items

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Policy Modelling Supported by e-Participation ICT Tool K. Furdik and Dulinov 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
A business model perspective for ICTs in public engagement Panagiotopoulos et al. 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
Social capital and ICT adoption in the public sector Huijboom 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
E-government: A new route to public sector quality Teicher et al. 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
Information Sharing Needs for National Security White and DiCenso 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
A model for policy interventions in support of electronic governance Chauhan et al. 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
Towards a Governmental Platform for Citizen Safety and Crisis Management Using Advanced Mobile Technologies Burja et al. 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
Asien und das Internet Schucher 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
Defining the IT artefact in social media for eparticipation: An ensemble view Johannessen and Bjørn 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
From a Successful Regional Information Society Strategy to an Advanced Living Lab in Mobile Technologies and Services Oliveira et al. 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
Evaluating citizens' readiness to embrace e-government services Akram and Malik 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
Beyond the Online/Offline Divide How Youth’s Online and Offline Civic Activities Converge Hirzalla and Zoonen 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
Linking ICTs to rural development: China's rural information policy Xia 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
Delivering e-government-the Derbyshire experience Gent 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
E-Government for Current and Future Senior Citizens Chen and Dorsey 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
How e-government strategies influence e-commerce adoption by SMEs Lau and Kwok 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
New voices or old voices in political talk? Nam 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
Implementing E-Government Locally-An Empirical Survey from the European Metropolitan Area Rhine-Neckar Olbrich 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
Web portal functionality and State government E-service Gant and Gant 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
The Phenix project: a case study of e-justice in Belgium Vuyst and Fairchild 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
eCommunity Meier 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
An enterprise application integration methodology for e-government Janssen and Cresswell 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
Extending the Information-Processing View of Coordination in Public Sector Crisis Response Gonzalez et al. 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
Hierarchical Structures for Video Query Systems Eickhorst 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z
A personal history of the NSF Digital Government Program Ciment 2013-06-04T16:32:42Z