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Reality brings excitement to engineering education Leifer and Sheppard 2013-07-15T20:34:28Z
Examples of freshman design education Sheppard et al. 2013-07-15T20:28:36Z
Freshman engineering design experiences and organizational framework Sheppard and Jennison 2013-07-15T20:25:02Z
Exploring the engineering student experience: Findings from the academic pathways of people learning engineering survey (APPLES) Sheppard et al. 2013-07-09T06:08:52Z
The early career pathways of engineering students Sheppard et al. 2013-07-09T06:05:08Z
Students Improving: Identifying Factors That Seem to Matter Otto et al. 2013-07-09T06:00:17Z
Does major matter? A look at what motivates engineering students in different majors Parikh et al. 2013-07-09T05:57:13Z
Analyzing large free-response qualitative data sets—a novel quantitative-qualitative hybrid approach Light and Yasuhara 2013-07-09T05:45:58Z
An engineering major does not (necessarily) an engineer make: Career decision making among undergraduate engineering majors Lichtenstein et al. 2013-07-09T05:45:11Z
More To Say: Analyzing Open Ended Student Responses To The Academic Pathways Of People Learning Engineering Survey Chen et al. 2013-07-09T05:36:35Z
Exploring the Not-So-Talked-About Undergraduate Pathway: Migrating Into Engineering Donaldson and Sheppard 2013-07-09T05:23:47Z
Socioeconomic Status and the Undergraduate Engineering Experience: Preliminary Findings from Four American Universities. Research Brief. Donaldson et al. 2013-07-09T05:20:19Z
Targeting Undergraduate Students for Surveys: Lessons from the Academic Pathways of People Learning Engineering Survey (APPLES) Donaldson et al. 2013-07-09T05:16:12Z
Scaling Up: Taking the Academic Pathways of People Learning Engineering Survey (APPLES) National Donaldson et al. 2013-07-09T05:15:19Z
Academic pathways study: Processes and realities Clark et al. 2013-07-09T05:14:24Z
Conceptualizing engagement: Contributions of faculty to student engagement in engineering Chen et al. 2013-07-09T05:14:01Z
From PIE to APPLES: the evolution of a survey instrument to explore engineering student pathways Chen et al. 2013-07-09T05:13:09Z
JEE SELECTS: Cost of an Engineering Major Lichtenstein et al. 2013-07-09T04:58:55Z
Comparing the undergraduate experience of engineers to all other majors: Significant differences are programmatic Lichtenstein et al. 2013-07-09T04:56:18Z
Students Improving: Identifying Factors That Seem to Matter Otto et al. 2013-07-09T04:47:26Z
Graduate School or Not: Engineering Students Consider Continuing Their Education in Co-terminal Programs Jackson et al. 2013-07-09T04:41:57Z
Correlates of Persistence in Engineering Education: Preliminary Results from the Academic Pathways Study Chachra et al. 2013-07-09T04:34:04Z
Career Goals and Actions of Early Career Engineering Graduates Winters 2013-07-09T04:31:49Z
Studying the engineering student experience: Design of a longitudinal study Sheppard et al. 2013-07-09T04:30:20Z
Persistence, engagement, and migration in engineering programs Ohland et al. 2013-07-09T04:28:21Z