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If the particular weed killer Roundup had been introduced from the seventies, it demonstrated it may eliminate almost any plant yet still be safer than a number of other herbicides, and yes it helped farmers to quit harsher chemicals reducing tilling that may promote erosion. But 24 years later, several sturdy type of weed resistance against Roundup have evolved, forcing farmers to revisit some of the less environmentally safeguards they abandoned a long time ago.

The relationship is the worst inside South, where a number of farmers now walk fields with hoes, killing weeds in ways their great-grandfathers were very happy to bid farewell to. Along with the issue is spreading quickly over the Corn Belt and beyond, with Roundup today appearing unreliable in killing at the very least 10 weed varieties in around 22 states. Some species, like Palmer amaranth in Arkansas and water hemp as well as marestail within Illinois, develop fas
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