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When the particular weed killer Roundup was introduced inside the seventies, it demonstrated it could possibly eliminate just about any plant but still be safer than a great many other herbicides, and yes it helped farmers to give up harsher chemicals and minimize tilling which may promote erosion. But 24 years later, several sturdy type of weed resistance against Roundup have evolved, forcing farmers revisit a few of the less environmentally protection they abandoned in the past.

Everything's the worst within the South, when a variety of farmers now walk fields with hoes, killing weeds you might say their great-grandfathers were very happy to leave. And also the problem is spreading quickly throughout the Corn Belt and beyond, with Roundup today appearing unreliable in killing a minimum of 10 weed varieties in around 22 states. Some species, like Palmer amaranth in Arkansas and water hemp in addition to marestail within Illino
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