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Everything man-made we see and use nowadays has got a creator. This creator held an idea which turned into a concept. From that concept came the vision. Then the vision became reality, but with reality follows several questions such as 'What will it look like?', 'is it needed or wanted?'' or 'how will it be applied by the end user?' these all need responses. With every new product made, it can then be adjusted by somebody else who has another vision and so the cycle of production continues and grows.

A man named Cleven Goudeau A.K.A (also known as) "Goodie" bore such , which was way back in 1963. Mr Cleven Goudeau's vision has granted many including myself to participate in the journey he began so long ago. A journey of acknowledging that black art and culture exists and should be seen. Goodie is rightfully the Pioneer and Innovator of Black Contemporary greeting car
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