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Does one always use up all your period in exams? Can you battle to finish your exams?

If you find it problematical in order to complete your exams, it will be a period management issue. In this article, we'll give you some tips regarding how to manage your

School and HSC exams are 2 to 3 hours each

Whether it is English, Maths, a treadmill from the sciences, school and HSC exams are structured similarly. Throughout every season, you are going to have several 2 hour exams per subject (a minimum of your half-yearlies) and you will get a 3 hour exam inside your trials.

Our first tip is: avoid being frightened of 3 hour exams. If you are already used to 2 hour exams, Three hours is very little whole lot longer. After the initial a couple of, you will be utilized to them. The important thing is to find a consistent pace at which to perform the test, and you'll observe that time will fly when you are focuse
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