Voices Inside Schools: Capturing Authenticity, Transforming Perception: One Teacher's Efforts to Improve Her Students' Performance by Challenging Their Impressions of Self and Community

Item Type Journal Article
Author Will Marinell
Abstract In this Voices Inside Schools essay, William Marinell describes the efforts of a public school teacher to improve her students' writing by attempting to increase their connectivity to their community. By designing photojournalism projects that prompt students to capture their authentic experiences, the teacher hopes to challenge the students' negative perceptions of their community, which she believes have a negative effect on her students' performance in school. Marinell elaborates on the personal and pedagogical dilemmas that the teacher faced while engaged in this work and how her instructional objectives and pedagogical approaches evolved as she gained an appreciation for the complex issues that arise when teachers and students attempt to depict their community.
Publication Harvard Educational Review
Volume 78
Issue 3
Pages 529-548
Date Fall 2008
Language English
URL http://her.hepg.org/content/804g42hvt1630022/fulltext.pdf
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