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Selection of Media for Isolation of Streptomycetes K├╝Ster and Williams 2013-10-30T11:22:40Z
The polarographic determination of some thiazide diuretics in compound tablets Kkolos and Walker 2013-10-30T11:21:56Z
A guide to successful bioprospecting: informed by actinobacterial systematics Goodfellow and Fiedler 2013-10-30T11:21:23Z
Chapter 5 Applying the Genetics of Secondary Metabolism in Model Actinomycetes to the Discovery of New Antibiotics van Wezel et al. 2013-10-30T11:20:36Z
Renaissance in antibacterial discovery from actinomycetes Baltz 2013-10-30T11:20:06Z
Rare actinomycetes: a potential storehouse for novel antibiotics Tiwari and Gupta 2013-10-30T11:19:18Z
Patterns of antimicrobial activities from soil actinomycetes isolated under different conditions of pH and salinity Basilio et al. 2013-10-30T11:17:04Z
Improvement of an Isolation Medium for Actinomycetes Zhang and Zhang 2013-10-30T11:15:11Z
Antibiotic susceptibility of potentially probiotic Lactobacillus species Charteris et al. 2013-10-30T11:14:26Z
Anti Yeast Activity of Streptomyces olivaceus Strain 115 Against Candida albicans . et al. 2013-10-30T11:13:07Z
Tempers rise but costs go down Steele 2013-10-30T11:11:29Z
The dynamic properties of biological membranes Radda 2013-10-30T11:11:27Z
BioStrike - DIY isolation of antibiotic producing backteria (public access and edit) - Google Drive 2013-10-29T22:34:14Z
Flickr: The Biostrike Pool 2013-10-29T22:33:46Z
BioStrike | Synbiota 2013-10-29T22:33:10Z
Actinomycetes Tournament: Open antibiotics discovery - Hackteria 2013-10-29T22:32:51Z
Innoculab | Open Source DIY Biology Protocols 2013-10-29T22:32:22Z