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Reflections on Computer Science Hopcroft 2014-06-11T13:35:42Z
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Tech Stymies Converged Cox Newsroom | 2014-06-11T13:35:20Z
Archives and Museums Philpott 2014-06-11T13:35:20Z
Software Industry Special Interest Group at the Computer History Museum 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
Preserving the software industry's past Grad 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
Preserving Computer-Related Source Material 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
Hiding in public: How the National Archives wants to open up its data to Americans » Nieman Journalism Lab 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
A Study on the Meta-data Design for Long-Term Digital Multimedia Preservation Chang et al. 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
What Should We Collect to Preserve the History of Software? Shustek 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
Think Piece: Preserving Records of the Past, Today Cortada 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
Newspaper Companies Can Learn from The Guardian Digital Archive 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
Future-Proofing News Apps Broussard 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
About Chronicling America « Chronicling America « Library of Congress 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
A Conceptual Model for Interactive Databases in News Klein and Fisher 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
The data journalism handbook European Journalism Centre and Open Knowledge Foundation 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
USA TODAY Media Kit :: Press Room :: Press Kit :: How the newspaper is produced 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
Street Wise Huff 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
Save the data: going from zip (drive) to news by rescuing, analyzing old data Phillips 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
Re: NICAR news apps archive designathon Han 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
Personal communication Johnston 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
News Apps at ProPublica Klein 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
New York Times Mobile Apps The New York Times 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
IBM Mainframe Magnetic Storage Media da Cruz 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z
Archiving News Applications Overberg 2014-06-11T13:34:59Z