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 5 key steps involved in writing a top-notch persuasive essay



Writing a persuasive essay is relatively an easy task to handle same as an Essay Writing Service. A persuasive essay is not the type of essay where the author has to take a side and then provide logical arguments to prove that point. The writer or the speaker cannot stay neutral or talk in vague terms rather the writer should have an opinion-oriented approach.  

The structure and the outline of the persuasive essay is more or less like other essays where the introduction is followed by body paragraphs and then the conclusion. The varied technique or approach that is implied in the persuasive essay is in the body paragraphs. Here you have to divide this section in such a way that your inclination or point of view is supported by examples and ideas and at the same time, you have to write them without overlapping.


Below mentioned are the five key steps that can help you in writing a top-notch essay, and once you follow them then the most likely outcome is that you would not have to ask someone else to write my paper for me. This will happen because these tips would address almost all the major concerns and queries such as an Write My Essay.

  1.   When you start to write, do not rush. Take some time and brainstorm the arguments, either in favor or against. By doing so, you would be able to decide what is the appropriate side that you should choose. This practice is often ignored by the students because they are in a rush. When you have taken the side, then do not just focus on your strong points but you should also keep in mind those points that you have to counter while arguing in one favor.
  2.   The introduction can set the tone of the essay because here you have to write in general terms but still you have to talk about your favored side. Your introduction should have a hook statement that can grab the attention of the reader, followed by a bit of background and contemporary situation. Your introduction should be so convincing that the reader can himself understand what would be the thesis statement.
  3.   While writing the main body, do not start writing about your strong points. It is preferable to write at least one paragraph about the arguments of the opposing side. This is crucial because by doing so, the impression of an echo chamber would fizzle out.  This will bring more objectivity and attention to the reader.
  4.   in the following paragraphs, take at least three to four main arguments that favor your stance. Never rely on a single source because this would reflect a shallow approach.  Each argument should be substantiated by supporting ideas and examples.  While writing the main arguments, take a bit of time to decide what are the strong points on your side. The strongest point should be written before the other arguments that you consider as relatively less convincing. If you avail the services of any essay writing service for such an essay, then you can easily find out that the strongest point would be jotted down before the others. When you are strong with a strong point then it is most likely that the positive impression would be developed and this would serve your purpose.
  5.   The last thing that should be done in a persuasive essay is that your conclusion should be coherent with the introduction. If the ideas of the introduction are not aligned with the one in the conclusion then your entire effort would not be as significant as it should have been. The other thing that you should do is summarize all of your strong arguments here. Stay focused on all of your major arguments in this section same as an Essay Writer. Conclude your essay on a positive note either it is a persuasive essay or any other type of essay.