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Harry Belafonte and the secret proteome of coconut milk D'Amato et al. 2014-03-21T15:31:53Z
RDA and the semantic Web : lectio magistralis in library science : Florence, Italy, Florence University, 4th March, 2014 = RDA e il Web semantico ... Dunsire 2014-03-13T17:52:37Z
Libraries’ Role in Curating and Exposing Big Data Teets and Goldner 2013-08-21T12:00:51Z
Experiences of Migrating to Open Source Integrated Library Systems Singh 2013-04-02T17:18:09Z
What Constitutes a Diligent Search Under Present and Proposed Orphan Work Regimes? Hansen et al. 2013-03-14T23:56:08Z
From Stacks to the Web: The Transformation of Academic Library Collecting Lewis 2013-03-14T02:44:40Z
Safety in Numbers: Distributed Digital Preservation Networks Trehub and Halbert 2013-01-11T20:36:57Z
E-books: Developments and Policy Considerations 2012-11-04T21:06:16Z
LOCKSS Boxes in the Cloud Rosenthal and Vargas 2012-09-28T14:22:48Z
The Economics of Long-Term Digital Storage Rosenthal et al. 2012-09-28T14:15:41Z
Obama’s Way Lewis 2012-09-15T01:23:12Z
Why passwords have never been weaker—and crackers have never been stronger Goodin 2012-08-22T13:55:02Z
Ebooks: has a content divide replaced the digital divide? Losinski 2012-08-16T15:37:20Z
A Manager's Guide to Choosing and Using Collaborative Networks Milward and Provan 2012-08-12T19:50:42Z
OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: the Ars Technica review Siracusa 2012-07-25T21:49:51Z
Preserving Moving Pictures and Sound Wright 2012-05-01T14:02:47Z
Orphan Works: Causes of the Problem Hansen 2012-04-13T00:37:10Z
Thursday Threads: Developer Genders, Facebook Release Engineering, Alcohol Among Technologists Murray 2012-04-12T23:37:12Z
Orphan Works: Mapping the Possible Solution Spaces Hansen 2012-03-26T12:37:56Z
U.S. Public Libraries: A Snapshot of Priorities & Perspectives 2012-03-23T02:18:57Z
Linked Data, Libraries and the Semantic Web Dunsire 2012-03-16T14:02:06Z
Information and documentation -- International library statistics 2012-02-29T18:12:47Z
Preserving Email Prom 2012-02-17T23:58:55Z
Infrastructure Considerations for Large Digital Libraries: A study to support the technical infrastructure decisions for the Digital Public Library of America Henry 2012-02-11T23:25:36Z
Orphan Works: Definitional Issues Hansen 2012-01-04T04:30:46Z