crossturkey35 : Curriculum Vitae

<br /> <p>For me. anything nike is tras

For me. anything nike is trash. Ill never own a pair of nike again

Fake New Balance 574

. They are made so cheap. I had a lot of experience with new balance and

they hurt my feet when I work for usps walking etc. best shoes for me, standing,

walking and running is asics and brooks

I need a wide sneaker, not an air force one or air jordan. I get the nike

monarch I've when it's time for new shoes or new balance has a shoe just

like the nike monarch Iv, there both the most comfortable shoe for my wide

feet I've ever worn. Sometimes spending over 100 to over 150 dollars means

the name besides the brand is hot meaning someone very famous is being seen

wearing them.

Thank you for your reviews, they are really well constructed! That would

be interesting to have a longevity criteria on the supershoes. My Vaporfly

4% (first carbon shupershoe) lasted about 250 km (then the carbon plate was

visible to the naked eye). The Alphafly / Vaporfly 2 seems to be more robust

in terms of longevity. The Nike Tempo I've had bubbles problems (at km 450

on first pair and at km 150 on second pair during a 800m interval session

at around 19.5 km/h). I've always had good experiences and my feet fits well

on New Balance shoes - all my recovery runs are performed with New Balance.

They are also very resistant, most of them lasted around 600 km. That's why

I'm interested in that RC Elite V2 model - it's true that it's a bit heavier

but if it's for the sake of having them last 500 km instead of 250 that's

a good drawback.