Chuck Parker

I've been dealing with chronic pain for as long as I can remember. It's a sensitive topic that most people shy away from but needs to be talked about more openly. There is a communication gap between people without pain and people who have been struggling to overcome it. Sometimes when it flares up, we might have to bail on our plans for the day which nobody likes to do. Most people see that as wishy washy but it's not something we enjoy doing. It's no fun at all and we'd much rather be "reliable." When you're in excruciating pain, there's not much you can do except try to make yourself as comfortable as possible while also attempting to remedy the pain however you see fit. I like to use natural things and not chemicals, but some people like it the other way around. There's not right or wrong, whatever floats your boat. I just wish more people understood what it's like to be subject to excruciating pain regularly. I don't wish it on them, but I wish they could understand what some of us have to go through.


Los Angeles


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