Top-Level Items in Collection ‘Data Curation’

title creator dateAdded
The application of archival concepts to a data-intensive environment: working with scientists to understand data management and preservation needs Akmon et al. 2012-01-30T21:53:27Z
Science friction: Data, metadata, and collaboration Edwards et al. 2011-11-18T12:33:30Z
Knowledge Curation Madison 2011-05-30T16:46:38Z
No second thoughts about data access 2011-04-27T16:22:43Z
Data Issues in the Life Sciences White Paper.pdf 2011-04-20T20:28:21Z
Towards BioDBcore: a community-defined information specification for biological databases Gaudet et al. 2011-02-18T17:02:29Z
Engineering Research Data Management Plan Requirement Specification Ball et al. 2011-02-18T14:31:24Z
Principles for Engineering Research Data Management Darlington et al. 2011-02-18T14:30:57Z
Bioinformatics: Curation generation Sanderson 2011-02-12T14:33:21Z
harmarnew.pdf 2011-02-10T19:37:21Z
Geospatial resources for supporting data standards, guidance and best practice in health informatics Mathys and Kamel Boulos 2011-02-08T14:39:08Z
Data Preservation in High Energy Physics South 2011-01-21T13:40:24Z
Data archiving in ecology and evolution: best practices Whitlock 2011-01-20T18:27:03Z
freedom-to-research.pdf 2011-01-11T15:04:37Z
Librarian Roles in Institutional Repository Data Set Collecting: Outcomes of a Research Library Task Force Newton et al. 2011-01-05T13:53:49Z
User Guide for Keeping Research Data Safe: Assessing Costs/Benefits of Research Data Management, Preservation, and Re-use 2010-12-15T14:46:34Z
wipo_pub_1023.pdf 2010-12-10T20:07:03Z
Developing Infrastructure for Research Data Management at the University of Oxford Wilson et al. 2010-11-30T16:31:48Z
We need a research data census Berman 2010-11-29T16:00:07Z
Reproducible Research in Computational Harmonic Analysis Donoho et al. 2010-11-29T15:18:15Z
The Enduring Value of Social Science Research: The Use and Reuse of Primary Research Data Pienta et al. 2010-11-22T23:46:00Z
11.1Nicholson.pdf 2010-11-12T17:14:30Z
Digital records preservation: Where to start guide 2010-11-03T15:55:29Z
Metadata Management in a Data Staging Repository Dietrich 2010-10-21T14:42:28Z
Metadata Activities in Biology Gil et al. 2010-10-21T14:39:34Z