Top-Level Items in Collection ‘Digital Preservation’

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Digital Preservation Console - Feasibility Study Anderson et al. 2011-04-28T11:24:09Z
Data Issues in the Life Sciences White Paper.pdf 2011-04-20T20:28:21Z
Main Articles: 'Characterising and Preserving Digital Repositories: File Format Profiles', Ariadne Issue 66 2011-02-24T20:02:00Z
Relay-supporting Archives: Requirements and Progress 2011-02-24T19:08:33Z
PDF/A: A Viable Addition to the Preservation Toolkit Noonan et al. 2010-11-19T13:50:07Z
An Emergent Micro-Services Approach to Digital Curation Infrastructure Abrams et al. 2010-07-21T12:57:58Z
A Guide to Web Preservation Farrell 2010-07-19T14:11:06Z
A Guide to Distributed Digital Preservation 2010-05-03T19:48:18Z
File formats for preservation Todd 2010-01-25T14:04:49Z
Digital Preservation: awareness, Responsibility and Rights Issues Muir 2009-12-09T16:05:55Z
Towards repository preservation services. Final report from the JISC Preserv 2 project Hitchcock et al. 2009-10-29T13:18:38Z
JPEG 2000 as a Preservation and Access Format for the Wellcome Trust Digital Library Buckley 2009-10-19T21:11:59Z
Preservation of Digital Assets: One Approach Dougherty 2009-09-25T19:40:09Z
Rethinking Personal Digital Archiving, Part 2: Implications for Services, Applications, and Institutions Marshall 2009-09-14T13:12:33Z
Rethinking Personal Digital Archiving, Part 1: Four Challenges from the Field Marshall 2009-09-14T13:11:08Z
Excuse Me ... Some Digital Preservation Fallacies? Rusbridge 2009-09-14T13:09:35Z
Sustainable Economics for a Digital Planet: Ensuring Long-Term Access to Digital Information 2008-12-17T14:36:59Z