New Support for Other Browsers!

For the past two and half years the Zotero team has carefully listened to user requests for interoperability with Internet Explorer, Opera, and other web browsers, and today the project is excited to announce new compatibility with browsers other than Firefox, starting with the venerable and rock-solid NCSA Mosaic. “Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny,” said Zotero co-director Sean Takats, “and we’re beginning at the beginning.”

Co-Director Dan Cohen stated that the Mosaic release, code-named “Zotero Classic,” was only the first step in toning down the “next-generation research tool” rhetoric that has dogged the project from the beginning. He revealed that the next release, known internally as “Zotero Graphite,” would involve interns, pencils, and possibly a fax machine.

The Zotero team expects performance to improve dramatically with forthcoming support for Netscape Navigator 1.0. “I’m thrilled about replacing Zotero’s sqlite backend with blink-element-powered Morse code,” admitted Lead Developer Dan Stillman. Within ten years the team expects to work its way through every browser ever created. “Of course by then, computers will be so expensive that only the five richest kings of Europe will own them,” suggested Community Lead Trevor Owens.