Major update to Zotero now available for public download

We’re pleased to announce that the latest beta release of Zotero is now available. Existing users who downloaded from can update manually via Tools->Add-ons in their Firefox web browser. The update includes many new translators, features, enhancements, bug fixes, and international language localizations that we’ll be spotlighting over the next few days. For a comprehensive overview of what Beta 3 offers, see the extensive changelog.

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    […] If lieu of that, study a technical report about the number of miles of giant pipe produced, or how and why such systems are designed to overflow.  You might find that it’s not just bloggers that get basic facts wrong, it’s also professional journalists.  They don’t know any more about sewers than you, and if the only sources they rely on are “expert” flacks from various interest groups their stories will be missing some really important context. Still I know that using primary data isn’t easy. Finding and comprehending it is more work. And wrangling facts can be like herding cats: when you’ve got hold of one, catching another lets the first one squibble out of your hands.   Documents on the web move and change. Links disappear.  Accountability becomes fluid. Thankfully there’s a new, totally free piece of software that can really help wrangling all those squirmy cats — oops, I mean facts. And statements. And ideas.   It’s called Zotero, and though it’s currently still in beta, I recommend it now. Zotero is a Firefox extension (it works inside your browser) designed for research and scholarship, and (as a user of two competing commercial products) I can say it is the best “bibliographic research software” I have seen for the Internet era.  Zotero is three things simultaneously: […]

  2. Andrew Moylan Says:

    I am certain that, in the fullness of time, every efficient researcher will regularly use a software tool that automates everything that can be automated in the process of reviewing the literature in their field. The result will be better research, and more of it.

    Congratulations on the impressive progress of Zotero to date, which has already made it one of the premier options for reference management anywhere. I urge you not to let up!

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    […] About « Major update to Zotero now available for public download […]

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    […] The Beta 3 release of Zotero includes many new or improved site translators for popular web-based scholarly resources, ranging from relatively small collections of individual journals, such as Nature, to large-scale database aggregators, such as Ovid. With the modified Aleph and Sirsi translators, Zotero should now be fully compatible with a host of additional university library OPACs (Online Public Access Catalogs). We’ve also updated our Ovid translator, giving users enhanced access to some of the most influential databases, full-text journals, and academic content in the sciences, arts, and humanities. […]