Anthony Beck

I like all things to do with space, place and informatics. This originally stemmed from an undergraduate program focussed on GIS and archaeology. I used to spend a lot of time designing and implementing archaeological recording systems: this meant grappling with data flow, databases, data quality and surveying (all on the cheap ;-). 

I was fortunate enough to be awarded a NERC grant to undertake PhD research at Durham University into the archaeological applications of high resolution satellite imagery in semi-arid environments. This involved substantial fieldwork in Syria, where I managed to implement a fully digital GIS based field recording and interpretation system. 

After my PhD I joined the School of Computing at Leeds University. I've been conducting full-time research on the VISTA project looking at innovative techniques to resolve the schematic (design), semantic (language/naming) and syntactic (format) heterogeneities within the UK utility sector. This has taken me into the exciting world of Geo-ontologies and Knowledge Engineering. 

I'm an on the technical committee of the National Underground Assets Group (NUAG) and sit on a panel examining how to revise the UK streetworks Records Codes of Practice. 

I've acted as an archaeological remote sensing specialist for UNESCO and EURISY and helped organise the European Space Agency and UNESCO funded Space Applications for Heritage Conservation Conference and PhD Workshop (Strasbourg, November 2002). 

I'm a member of the Aerial Archaeology Research Group and the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society. 

I sat on the AARG education and outreach committee. 

I sit on the scientific committee of the EARSeL REmote SEnsing of ARchaeology and Cultural Heritage (RE.SE.AR.CH) SIG.





University of Leeds