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Anita Rocco : Curriculum Vitae

Graduated in Classics in 1998 with a thesis in Christian Epigraphy and Antiquities at the University of Bari. She held "Baccalaureato" and "Licenza" degrees in 1999-2000 at the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology (SCV). Specialized at School of Archaeology of Bari in 2001 with a thesis in Christian Epigraphy and Antiquities.

She received in 2006 a PhD in Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Culture at the University of Bari. In 2007-2009 had a postdoc at the University of Bari, entitled "Epigraphic Production and archaeological contextuality", refurbished in 2009 for 12 months. In 2012 she won an annual postdoc with the same University, entitled "Archaeology and Epigraphy of Daunia in Late Antiquity".

Her scientific profile is characterized by the dual activity of archaeologist on field and epigraphist. Archaeological research has been conducted, with scientific and educational responsabilities in the sites of San Giusto (Lucera, FG), Herdonia (Ordona, FG), San Pietro and Ponte della Lama (Canosa, BT), and in s. Sebastian catacomb (Rome). The published literature on the archaeological experiences is about both excavation data and findings.

Her epigraphic activity is directed to the study of executing techniques

of the inscriptions of the roman catacombs and the analysis of the interconnection between the epigraphic data and the topographic development of cemeterial regions. Another area of interest is made up of computer applications in epigraphy, with the collaboration with EDB (Epigraphic Database Bari) and EDR (Epigraphic Database Rome).

Research activities are complemented by training experiences even at foreign institutions, attendance at conventions and conferences, national and international, and educational activities at the University of Bari.